Experience the Futuristic Maglev in Shanghai

Welcome to Shanghai, a city known for its modernity and technological advancements. Among its many attractions, the Maglev stands out as a testament to Shanghai’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover the Maglev, its different lines, how to buy a ticket, and the operating times.

The Maglev Lines

Shanghai boasts two Maglev lines, each offering a unique experience and connecting different parts of the city. Let’s explore these lines:

Line 1: Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road

This is the first Maglev line in Shanghai and has been operational since 2004. It connects Pudong International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, to Longyang Road in just a matter of minutes. The Maglev reaches a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour, providing passengers with an exhilarating ride.

Line 2: Longyang Road to Hangzhou

The second Maglev line in Shanghai, Line 2, extends from Longyang Road to Hangzhou, a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty. This line offers a convenient and efficient way for travelers to explore both Shanghai and Hangzhou. With a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the journey is not only fast but also comfortable.

Buying a Ticket

Getting a ticket for the Maglev is a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to know:

Step 1: Choose Your Line and Destination

Determine which Maglev line you want to ride and select your destination accordingly. Whether you’re heading to the airport or planning a day trip to Hangzhou, make sure you have a clear idea of where you want to go.

Step 2: Ticket Purchase

There are several ways to buy a ticket for the Maglev:

– At the station: You can purchase your ticket at the Maglev station. Look for the ticket counters or self-service machines. The staff is usually friendly and helpful, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

– Online: If you prefer the convenience of booking in advance, you can buy your Maglev ticket online. Visit the official website or trusted ticketing platforms to make your purchase. Remember to bring a printed or digital copy of your ticket for validation.

Step 3: Ticket Validation

Once you have your ticket, proceed to the designated platform and look for the boarding area. Before boarding the Maglev, make sure to validate your ticket at the gate using the provided scanners. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Operating Times

The Maglev operates at different times depending on the line:

Line 1: Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road

The Maglev on Line 1 operates from 6:45 am to 9:40 pm. Trains run at regular intervals, usually every 15 to 20 minutes. This allows travelers to easily catch a ride to or from the airport, even during peak hours.

Line 2: Longyang Road to Hangzhou

Line 2 of the Maglev operates from 7:02 am to 9:42 pm. Similar to Line 1, trains on this line also run at regular intervals, ensuring a convenient and reliable service for passengers traveling between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

It’s important to note that these operating times may vary, especially during holidays or unforeseen circumstances. It’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the Maglev customer service for the most up-to-date information.


Exploring Shanghai’s Maglev is an experience like no other. From the futuristic technology to the high-speed journeys, it’s a must-try attraction for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re arriving at the airport or planning a day trip to Hangzhou, the Maglev offers a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. So, hop on board, enjoy the ride, and embrace the future of travel with the Maglev in Shanghai.

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